Most systems thinking approaches have in common a requirement to change the way we perceive the world around us, often in terms of moving from local, reactive, event-driven thinking to an enlarged understanding of 'the bigger picture'. Sharing mental models among communities of stakeholders and mobilising co-ordinated action through this process is fundamental to developing the organization through the effective application of systems thinking.

This enlarged understanding necessarily involves more than a few key individuals in the formulation and shaping of strategy, which becomes a more distributed function in the new-style organization. Phrontis likewise aims to work with an appreciation of the nature of the 'whole system' of the organization. By taking a holistic view and involving a wider community directly in its interventions, changes can be made that 'stick', essentially because they are internally-driven rather than imposed by outside (or inside) 'experts'.

The expertise that Phrontis offers is as a facilitator of decision-taking and action, helping the best content experts that your company has to integrate their sharpest thinking efforts so that they can arrive at innovative, creative, well tested and implementable plans of action. We have wide knowledge and experience of designing and facilitating collaborative workshop events. Our network members bring an unparalleled range of skills in applying different facilitation tools and techniques to help structure and solve different types of business problem. We have worked in widely varying organizational settings and formats to help clients get the best out of their available time and resources for knowledge-sharing. We often use GROUP EXPLORER, a group decision support system, in our interventions with clients.

In addition to working with traditional sized management groups or teams tasked with strategic change management responsibilities (say, four to eight people), Phrontis is also able to offer two types of intervention that are designed specifically for use with larger group sizes. These are Interactive Management and Team Syntegrity.

Team Syntegrity - a facilitative process for surfacing and sharing knowledge

Interactive Management - a facilitative process for complex problem structuring and solving through effective action

Phrontis has been involved in the use of both of these approaches in client assignments in distribution, financial services, telecoms, IT and nuclear industries.



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